Friday, October 5, 2012


I've decided that since I'm only going to be 21 for three more weeks I would post 21 random things about myself.

1. I have OCD (not really) when it comes to being on time. Whether it's meeting up with friends, a job interview, or an event I strive to be on time. I hate being late. It stresses me out. I set deadlines for myself to make sure that I show early to places.

2.  I hate eating a late dinner. Studies show that it contributes to weight gain . I always like to have a pretty early dinner and don't like eating within three hours before bed. 

3. I don't like last minute ts cancellations. I like to know things way ahead of time. Like I said I like to get ready ahead of time and when there are last minute cancellations i'm super annoyed.

4. I support Mexican immigration. I am so defensive when it comes to defending Mexican immigrants. I hate hearing people say that they are taking jobs here in America. Maybe they are but which one of us would like to work those jobs that they work their asses off doing? They work so hard and get paid so little just so that they can help their families have a better life.

5.  No matter how late I go to bed, my body fails at letting me sleep in. Sure I might be exhausted but I like to get the most out of my days even if that makes me sleep deprived. I would hate to sleep the whole morning and wake up in the afternoons. I feel like it's a huge waste.

6. There is a solution to every problem. Unhappy with weight? Do something about it! Unhappy with job? Quit it! Unhappy with relationship? END IT! I've done all three of those things nothing is impossible.

7. My mom is my hero. The thought of losing her kills me. She is an absolute saint.

8. I have never been good at school until now. I have worked my ass of this semester and although I'm exhausted and stressed I am so proud of myself.

9. Kids make me consider changing my major to Early Childhood. I adore children. I nanny because I love the kids. If it was about the money I would not be nannying. I get so attached to the children that I take care of. I've been watching Haley (5) and Ashley (11) for a year now and they are the best children ever.

10. I belong at the beach. Every time I go i spend most of the time in the water. I think it's pointless to go to the pool when you're at the beach.

11. I'm a huge animal lover. I had a dog who passed away last year to cancer and I was devastated. Animals make me so happy. At the home where I nanny they have five dogs and a cat so I get my pet fix from them. 

12. Tsunamis are one of my biggest fears. I'm aware that a tsunami cannot hit Alpharetta lol but I have tsunami nightmares frequently. 

13. I hate being called weird. I like being different but to me weird is a derogatory and judgemental word.

14. I love to take pictures. I am always taking pictures on my phone.

15. Smokers piss me off. I lost my dad to lung cancer and witnessed him lose his ability to breathe. I think smokers are idiots quite frankly for wasting minutes of their life and poisoning their lungs. I have smoker friends and family and I love them but will never understand them.
me happy.

16. Greece is my all time favorite country that I have been to. 

17. I love to sing. I'm not bad, but i'm far from good. If I know a song i have to sing along to it. It's hard to get me to shut up.

18. I love movies and I know that majoring in Film is the right thing for me but i'm trying to find my niche.

19. I have a weird obsession with zombie movies and tv shows. They make me happy.

20. I met Ian Somerhalder at DragonCon and I've been in love with him ever since. What an amazing person. Best day of my life. His personality exceeds his astonishing looks. check out all that he does for animals and the environment. Nina Dobrev is a very lucky lady and I am jealous of her. I would be so lucky to find a man like him

21. PHO is my favorite food.

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