Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Importance of Sunscreen

*UPDATE*Biopsy results came back. I am skin cancer free! I lucked out again! Thank the Lord!!!

    Early last year, I had my first skin check at the dermatologist. I had two moles removed from my back first as a shave biopsy. One of the results came back fine, the other lab for the other mole had detected abnormal cells, so I had to go back in for another biopsy. That time they did a punch biopsy and I had to get stitches to close the area of the removal. Thank goodness the punch biopsy removed all the bad cells, but I now have a scar that looks like a cigarette burn on my right shoulder. I now go every six months for full body skin checks because I have a history of having atypical moles which have a greater chance into turning into cancer.
     I went back to see my dermatologist two weeks ago and had a mole removed from my leg and one from my arm. The one on my leg was mildly atypical, so I didn't have to get a punch biopsy only a skin biopsy, but the one on my arm turned out to be mildly atypical. It's been a week and I am anxiously awaiting to get back the test results. Those who know me well know how pale I am. In the summer, I love being outside, but I don't lay out to tan much . I am always careful to use sunblock. If I barely sit outside to tan, imagine the risk for those of you who tan all the time. Please go to the dermatologist and get your skin checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pet Peeves

1. Loud Eaters
     My poor mom and sister have received a love of crap talk from me over the years. They have great manners and it's not that they chew with their mouth open, but I have gotten annoyed with them for making noises they can't control. Like breathing too loudly out of their nose or if I hear them swallow a drink.  Although I haven't been diagnosed by a professional, I'm pretty sure I have Misophonia, which means hatred of certain sounds.  Misophonia causes you to have negative emotions like anger or fright when you hear certain sounds. Some of the sounds that drive me crazy are: people chewing with their mouths open,  people breathing too loudly, people crunching on chips or popcorn, people who smack their gum, my mom saying "ahhh" after she takes a sip of orange juice, when you're in a movie theater and you hear peoples hands in their popcorn, when people sniffle in a quiet room etc.

2. People Who Don't Make Eye Contact With You As You Speak To Them At The Table
     There is nothing more insulting to me than when I am talking to somebody they are only half-a**ing their conversation with me. By that, I mean that they are either looking down at their phones or they turn their back to me mid-conversation. So rude. I would rather make awkward eye contact with somebody or be bored with what they are telling me than be rude to them by not listening or looking at them as they are speaking to me. I'm not saying we have to look at each other the whole time in a conversation, but if you're at a table with somebody, I think it's the polite thing to do if you're being spoken to. If you're both looking at the menu, that's different, but I think you get the picture.

3. People Who Stick Their Nose Into My Non Existent Love Life

     I am happily single and I want to explain my mentality to some people who may not understand it. When the right person comes along, I'll be open into seeing where things go, but I am not one of the those girls who needs to have a boyfriend to be happy. I have some really great role models in my life. One of my aunts never got married, and she is an extremely happy and successful lady. I believe that you are in control of your own happiness. You shouldn't only rely on being in a relationship to have a high level of contentedness. It's okay to be alone. Alone doesn't always mean lonely.

4. When People Do Nice Things For Others And Grow Big Headed About It
     If you're going to do something nice for somebody, I think you should do it because you want to make someone happy. There's nothing I hate more than when people list what they have done for people and make a fuss about it. For me, that takes away from the sincerity of the  kind action.

5.  People Who Take Days To Respond To Texts
     Everyone has their phone on them. If you are too busy for someone, send them a courtesy text instead of leaving them hanging for days.