Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Signs You Should Not Date Him/Her

1. They have no friends
 - The fact that they have no friends could mean a lot of things. Maybe they just moved into town and haven't had a chance to meet anyone, maybe they're anti-social, rude, or shy. When your significant other has no friends that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It really depends on the person that you are. Do you like spending every second with your bf/gf? I know I didn't. Them not having friends means that there is more pressure on you to be with them if you don't want to be with them every second. Although, them not having friends might be a good thing if you are the clingy type.

2. Your friends don't like him/her
- Your parents are not always the best judge of who is good for you. Parents are very picky and literally only want the best for their children, but if your friends don't like him/her then you should see what reasons they have for those feelings and think it over a little.

3. He/ she makes you feel like crap about yourself
- There's a difference between someone trying to make you healthier because they want you to live a long time and someone who is criticizing you and telling you that you should not eat too much.  You need to be with somebody who makes you confident not somebody who makes you feel like poo. Also, be with somebody who accepts you for you.

4. He doesn't pay for the first date
- Called me old fashioned, but I feel like the man should always pay for the first date. If a girl denies you wanting to pay, she's being polite, still pay. It's ok later on in the relationship to take turns, but if a guy doesn't pay for the first date chances are he's not a gentleman.

5. He/ She is not family oriented

- A guy that is not family oriented is a red flag. If a guy isn't close to his family then there's a chance he will keep you away from your family and tension will rise in your family. In the long run, do you want to be with someone who doesn't like family time? Didn't think so

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