Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day From Hell

I don't even know where to begin. This past summer, I was and extra in the film Endless Love so my friends and I had planned to shoot a music video, go to dinner at 7:00, then see Endless Love at 9:40. My friend Patrick and I were going to meet up at 5:30 to shoot the music video. I arrived to the parking deck of the shopping plaza where were meeting, took the key out of ignition, put it in my purse then went to put something in my trunk. I left my purse in the passenger seat of the car, so when I walked to my trunk, my car door locked. I panicked. Luckily I managed to tell Patrick where I was parked before I locked my phone and purse in the car. He got there and knew something was wrong. I called my mom who works in Midtown to see if she happened to have a spare key of my car. Nope! I made her come to meet us at the shopping plaza so she could give me some money. My mom managed to get there within fifteen minutes of the incident. My purse was not visible so Patrick and I just decided to go meet up with our friends because we all had a dinner reservation at 7:00.  We got to the restaurant ten minutes late which is no big deal, only two of our guests where and they were seated. I apologized to them for being late, because I was the host. Then we all sat down and looked at the menus. There were no prices on the menu! Then we see that the menu is smaller than the one posted online. The manager comes up to us and tells us that it's a fixed menu and it's a $45 minimum per person. My friends and I are broke, we're just normal people, most of us are college students between 20-25, $45 is a lot of money. Imagine how guilty I felt. I had no idea it was a fixed menu. The hostess who took our reservation was supposed to tell us that it was a fixed menu and she was supposed to take our credit card number to hold the reservation. She did neither of . Two of our friends decided to leave which was very smart of them and for some idiotic reason the rest of us stayed. We got our appetizer, dinner, and dessert that came with the $45 dollars and were not really pleased with the waitress. She talked so much trash about us right in front of our faces. So then we looked at movie times and the movie time that we planned to go to was sold out. Could anything else go wrong? We decided to go to the 12:15 showing of the movie. Unfortunately, our friends who left the restaurant had already bought tickets to the 9:40 so they had to go see it without us.  We got the bills and holy moly it was expensive. We regretted staying at the restaurant, but every other place was booked anyway. Also, we weren't going to a shitty restaurant on Valentine's Day. Patrick and I went ahead and returned to the parking deck, I called my roadside assistance and they came and unlocked my car in time before the movie. It only took them ten minutes after I called them to show up to my car. Patrick and I went ahead and shot his music video and our friends went shopping for a little while then Patrick left and didn't stay for the movie so I stayed with my friends Corinne, Sav, Jessie, Willi and three guys whose names I forgot. Sorry y'all. The movie sucked! It was still interesting for us, because we were in it and it saw a familiar face every two seconds in the film, but I would not recommend anyone pay to go see it unless you are a teenage girl. I love Alex Pettyfer so I enjoyed seeing his face, but  the film itself was not that good. So corny. After the movie I gave my friend a ride home then I plugged in my address to find out how to get home and my GPS on my phone did not work. It started pouring, I could barely see anything. I had to roll down my window and ask someone how to get to the highway.. I finally made it home at 3:30. Although locking my keys in the car and the expensive dinner were disastrous, the most fun part was seeing the movie and shooting my friend Patrick's video, but I was really stressed from everything that had happened that it was hard to enjoy myself at some parts.  It's been a stressful year for me to be honest. I haven't been feeling like myself so I went to the doctor and got blood work and I didn't get very good blood test results. I have to go back this week for more blood work and another checkup so that's also been adding to my stress, but things can only get better from here right?

Here are some pictures from last night...

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