Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrities Are Normal People

Lately I've been seeing the royal family all over the news and magazines and it just made me think about how weird it is that celebrities are worshipped by so many people. Now don't get me wrong, I respect and admire some celebrities. I also have a handful of celebrity crushes, but after working on sets and getting to see actors all of the time, I have grown out of my celebrity worship phase. To me actors, singers and models are regular people who just have cooler jobs. I actually feel really sorry for celebrities sometimes. It's gotta be weird to have all these strangers love you. I'm sure it's a little flattering, but it also must be really creepy at times. Also, it must really suck to be followed and harassed by the paparazzi. Many people say that it's a price they have to pay for being rich, but nobody deserves to be stalked and harassed no matter what their job or financial status is. I think that the consumers who buy magazines like People, Us Weekly, Ok! Magazine are partially to blame for the paparazzi. If these pictures weren't getting sold to magazines or websites, there would probably not be as many paparazzos.  I am tired of the media focusing on the not so important stuff about celebrities like their fashion, their relationships, their vacations, etc. Yes, I occasionally enjoy reading magazines like People, but it's not a necessity for me to see pictures of celebrities on vacation or on runways. I don't care or need to know where they are, what they are doing, what they are wearing.  I want to hear about the charitable stuff that celebrities are doing like visiting children with cancer or saving cats from trees. I also would like to see real heroes being acknowledged more in the media like firefighters, police officers, soldiers etc. I'd also like to hear more stories about families reuniting with soldiers or dogs being reunited with their families. I wish we would focus on more important things going on in the world more instead of obsessing over celebrities and their fashion styles. I think that E! News should focus on famous people and their lives and other news stations like CNN and FOX should focus on world events that are more important. I am not saying that celebrities as humans are not important, I just don't think we need to focus on them. Some people reading this may think I am a hypocrite because I have a huge crush on a famous actor. The thing is, it's a crush. You can have a crush on anybody. If I was to meet a cute guy in the middle of the road and end up talking to him, the same thing would happen. It's not the fact that he's famous, it's the fact that he's handsome, super nice, loves animals, cares about the environment and he has been so nice me the few times that I have met him and he has made feel so special . Okay, I'm sorry, my rant is over. I feel better now 😃.

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