Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Move On After A Bad Relationship

My friends and I have dated quite a few jerks. All it took was one jerk for me to realize what kind of guy not to date. Here's some advice that we have on how to move on after a bad relationship.

1. Cut all ties.

Not all relationships end badly or are unhealthy, but if that's the case you should cut all forms of communication with your ex. First, delete their number from your phone. Do not contact them. If they contact you and start to harass you, block their number. If they start sending you text messages through the internet, change your number. Changing your phone number may cost money, but it is definitely worth it. Blocking them on Facebook and Twitter will also help you move on a little easier.  Lastly, if they keep harassing you and showing up to your house, get a restraining order.

2. Talk to somebody.

Don't bottle up your emotions. Talk to your friends and family. If the relationship was verbally, mentally, or physically abusive, seek counseling. It's unhealthy for you to not talk to other people about it. Many people do not realize that emotional/mental abuse can be more harmful to a person than physical abuse.

3. Don't go back.

After any relationship ends you may feel lonely and surprisingly you might even miss your ex even if they treated you like dirt. No matter what, do not go back especially if it was an abusive relationship. You cannot change a person, only they can change themselves . They may apologize, send you flowers, but that does not excuse them treating you poorly. You have your friends and family to help you get through it.

4. Stay single for a while.

Don't hop into a relationship right after the breakup just because you don't like being alone. You will need time to heal after whatever you went through.

5. Stay positive.

You will find love again. Not everybody is like your ex. Don't give up on finding happiness, but don't rush into anything either and don't someone just to date.

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