Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3

Tonight was a snore fest for me. Not really, I stayed awake the whole time, but I was once again left disappointed. I want to see more zombies and more action, dang it! Here are some of my ideas that would have made the episode better.
    Travis, his baby mama, their son and the Salazars got away too easily from the barber shop. Yes, the construction site fell on Griselda's leg, but they easily lifted it off of her and got away. It would have made the episode a lot more interesting if some of the looters/rioters held the group at gunpoint and had stolen their money and car keys, therefore making Travis' journey back to Madison's house nearly impossible. Imagine them walking through the city as the lights are going out. All hell would break loose and Travis and his group wouldn't be able to differentiate between the infected and the rioters.
     As for the party of three that stayed at home playing monopoly... I think Little Ms. Priss (Alicia) got over her boyfriend really fast, didn't she? Instead of having them play a board game, Alicia should have stolen her mom's car to go check on her boyfriend. Madison (the mom) would have to make the decision of chasing after her daughter or staying at home with Nick and wait on Travis and Alisha to come back.
    What happened to the neighbors across the street that were having a party for their daughter? They (the writers) could have made them turn into zombies and have them trying to get into Madison's house. 

There's my two cents. I don't dislike the show. I look forward to watching it every week, I just want more from the show.

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