Sunday, October 20, 2013

22 memories as a 22 year old

I will be turning 23 on Friday. I am very sad that I will no longer be 22, it has truly been an amazing year for me and I won't be able to rock out to Taylor Swift's "22" as a 22 year old anymore :-(. To make up for my last negative post about school, I'm going to list 22 amazing memories that I've had as a 22 year old. These are not in a specific order of how special they were to me.

1. Trip to Miami for Halloween with my best friend Kendra.

2. First time as an extra on my favorite show Vampire Diaries.

3. First time in a feature film (Solace).

4. Being an extra on the Endless Love remake. Alex Pettyfer is a douche, but he's hot.

5. Taylor Swift Concert

6. Maroon 5 Concert

7. Seeing Russell Brand live. Love him.

8. Winning World War Z premiere tickets off the radio and seeing Brad Pitt in person.

9.  Making the Dean's list ( I've been terrible at school my whole life, this truly was a huge deal for me).

10. Overcoming my fear of heights and  zip lining down a huge mountain.

11. Trip to Playa del Carmen with my grandparents and aunt.

12. Getting closer to distant family members.

13.  Making new friends on various sets. Some of these people will definitely be my lifelong friends.

14. Taking my first solo trip to Nashville to be on the show Nashville.

15. Spring Break trip to the mountains with Melissa

16.  Having my first fitting on a TV show and getting my makeup and hair done next to Kat Graham (the sweetest girl ever).

17. Nannying the best kids ever and raising newborn puppies for 9 weeks.

18.  Moving on from childcare work. Love my kids to death, but I've gotten move on to film work.

19. Running Zombie Run, Tripp Halstead Run, 5k Dance Party, Run or Dye, Run for your lives.

20. Becoming more fit.

21. Becoming closer to my sister.

22. Finally getting a MacBook pro that I've wanted for years.

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