Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My whole life I have never smoked anything.  I never felt the necessity to try a cigarette,  blunt, or anything that you can smoke. As a preteen, I lost my father to lung cancer. I saw him go from being an extremely healthy man to an extremely sickly and feeble man. It was traumatizing every time that I saw my dad not be able to breathe and a terrible memory that i always have. The ability to breathe and to have healthy lungs is something I will never take for granted. I know Marijuana isn't linked to lung cancer, I just don't have the desire to fill my lungs up with anything. I can have fun without getting high. People that say that they smoke because "they're going to die anyway and they might as well live it up", I think you're stupid. Yes, we are all going to die, but why risk dying such a horroble way.? Smoking can lead to many terrible things not just cancer but it shortens your life anyway.  Just felt like ranting because I'm on a train and someone smells like weed.

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