Sunday, October 27, 2013

5 Easy Ways To Save Money (Broke College Girl Edition)

I'm a really cheap girl, by cheap I mean I don't like to spend a lot of money on me by buying expensive, purses, mani/pedis. I will admit that if I was rich, I'd spend a lot of money on going out to eat and traveling (two of my favorite things). I try to spoil my friends and family on their birthdays, but I never spend a lot on myself, because I just can't bring myself to do it and I rather spend money on things/places/experiences where I can make memories. I'm not a material thing kind of girl.

1.  Pack Your Lunch

-  Anyone that knows me well knows how much I adore food. Most of the money I spend is on food. I LOVE going out to eat, but lately I've been packing my lunch and not only have I seen financial benefits, I've seen my health improve and my tummy has gone down lol. We all love going out to eat, but if you work/go to school, you should pack your lunch and save yourself some money. It's okay to treat yourself a few times a week/ month, but really you can save $50-100 a week by packing your own lunch.

2. Paint Your Own Nails

Another thing that I love is getting my nails done, but it can get really pricy. A year I would go every three weeks to get a gel manicure and honestly it's not worth it. It's unhealthy for your nails and it's expensive as hell. Go to the store and buy yourself some nail polish. Trust me you can paint your own nails, if you're bad at it then practice. I have gotten really good at it. I'm the next best thing to Vietnamese nail artists. Ha!

3. Shop at Tj Maxx and Marshalls

-I've never been into designer stuff, okay maybe I like some designer stuff, but I've never been able to afford it or when I could afford it, I wasn't willing to spend that much money on a purse, shirt etc. Surprisingly you can find a lot of designer stuff from these stores and a lot of great quality clothing. It's okay to splurge, if you're splurging at these stores lol or if you're rich.

4.  Go To Matinee Movies
- I am a film major for goodness sake, I love going to the movies, watching movies, etc. I always go to movies before noon, because it's $5- $6 bucks cheaper than movie tickets are at night. If my family or friends are reading this, yes, I go to the movies a lot at night, but that's because my school gives film students free passes. When I don't have a free pass, I go in the morning to the movies.

5. Pre- game
I'm not much of a drinker, I do love me some wine, but I don't usually go out just to drink. If you're the kind who loves to drink then pre game instead of buying multiple expensive drinks on your girls night out, or wherever the heck you're going or have a girls night at your place.

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